Genesis 1 Summary
c.3100 BC Adam: (Sumerian language) Adam/Ti(Eve) (Coptic: Atum?, Tefnut?, Set/Seth?)
c.2900 BC Noah's Flood Kish & Shurupak Zi-Usura (Sumerian) 2 Subsets?, Skeptic's date
c.2800 BC Gilgamesh: +/- 100 years Nimrod (Akkadian language)
2686 BC Egyptian 3rd Dynasty begins
2668-2649 BC Djoser 2nd Pharaoh of 3rd Dynasty, 1st Pyramid, 1st rich Pharaoh (taxes)
c.2650 BC Joseph: Djoser - Imhotep (Ancient Coptic language)
c.2630 BC "Israelite" Sojourn In Egypt begins 430 years
c.2613 BC 3rd Dynasty ends, Joseph/Imhotep is no longer 2nd in command
c.2600 BC Israelite servatude begins 400 years
2345-2181? BC Egyptian 6th Dynasty
2278-2184? BC Pepi II 4th Pharaoh of 6th Dynasty
c.2200 BC 1st Exodus: Pepi II ("Moses"?? - Aardsma, assumes large 1Kings 6:1 error)
c.2180- (The 7th-18th Dynasties' chronologies are ignored hereafter due to inconsistencies)
c.2000-1950 BC Jerico destroyed, but rebuilt ("Joshua"??)
c.1840 BC 1st true alphabet (Cananite/Hebrew) invented in a Sinai/Egyptian mine
c.1630 BC 2nd Exodus: Ahmose same time as Minoan Volcanic Eruption, name like Moses
c.1630 BC (Ahmose expelled the Hyksos - or "Hycsos" Josephus, smaller 1Kings 6:1 error.)
c.1630-1600 BC The Minoan Volcanic Eruption (C14 wiggle dating)
1670-1530 BC Jerico "massive stone revetment...destroyed" not rebuilt (likely Joshua)
c.1000 BC Solomon: 970-931? 1 Kings 6:1 (1000 + 480 = 1480? BC, likely error here)
c.700 BC Isaiah (Is.40:1-5, prophecy concerning John the Baptist and Jesus)
c.650-570 BC Jeremiah: (Hebrew Prophets)
c.622-527 BC Ezekiel
c.600 BC Epimenides: (Titus 1:12)
c.600-540 BC Daniel
c.600-530 BC Cyrus t.g. Founder of Achaemenid Empire
c.586-7 BC Jerusalem falls Daniel to Babylon - Egyptian exile ~Aswan
c.563-483 (or c.480-400) Buddha BC Siddhartha Gautama
c.551-479 BC Confucious Kung-Fu-Tzu
c.550-330 BC Achaemeind Empire
c.570-495 BC Pythgoras: triangle theorem
c.539-? BC Cyrus, rebuilds temple
486-465 BC Xerxes 1: c.518-465 born-died (Ahasuerus,Esther)
c.480-440 BC Ezra
c.470-399 BC Socrates: "unknown god"
c.425-348 BC Plato: logos pathos ethos
c.420 BC Malachi (means "messenger") identified possibly as "Ezra" by Jewish tradition
384-322 BC Aristottle: logic & natural philosophy
356-323 BC Alexander t.g. Greek Empire
367-282 BC Ptolemy Soter (Alexander's General) Egyptian "King of the South"
c.358-281 BC Seleucus I Nicator (Alexander's General) Syrian "King of the North"
...-164 BC Kings of North & South continued (until the time of the Maccabees)
c.300 BC Euclid: Geomerty
c.287-212 BC Archimedes: (223/71 < pi < 22/7)
285-247 BC LXX translated: Greek speaking Jews in Egypt exile ~Aswan
c.280-203 BC Fabius Cunctator: Fabian strategy: small engagmets, cut supply lines
247-182+/-1 BC Hannibal: Elephants crossing Alps vs. Rome
c.215-164 BC Antiochus IV Epiphanes
167-37 BC Maccabees: Period of (110-63 rule)
49 BC Julius Caesar: Crosses Rubicon into Rome
46 BC Leap days added to calendar, every fourth year
37-4 BC Herod t.g.: 72-4 BC born-died
27-14 BC Caesar Agustus: 63 BC-AD 14 born-died (Luke 2: edict)
12 BC Haley's comet
5 BC Chinease comet, appeared March 9-April 6. lasted > 70 days
4 BC-AD 39 Herod Antipas (the Tetrarch) Lived 20 BC-AD 39 (beheaded John)
c.AD 0-30 Jesus: (traditional dates)
c.AD 5-65 Paul t.a.
AD 14-37 Tiberius Empr. (see next line for 15th year of) (Luke 3:1)
AD 29 (15th year of Tiberius) Jesus begins ministry at about 30, Luke3:23
AD 37-41 Caligula Empr.
AD 41-44 Herod Agrippa I Lived 11 BC-AD 44 (Martyred James)
AD 41-54 Cladius Empr.
AD ---66 Herod Agrippa II Lived AD 27/28 to 92/100 Fled Jerusalem in AD 66
AD 54-68 Caesar Nero AD 37-68 born-died (the "number" of Nero)
AD 55-57 Probable date for Paul's leter to the Romans
AD 60s Paul's in prison Wrote letter to the Colossians
--- The Gospel has, by now, spread to the "whole world": Rom.1:8 Col.1:23 ---
AD 66 Haley's comet (75-79 year period)
AD 66 Roman-JewishWar (started under Nero)
AD 69 year (68-69) of four emporers: Galba Otho Vitellius Vespasian
AD 69-79 Vespasian Empr.
AD 70 Jerusalem falls (General Titus) 66-67-68-69-70-71-72-73 (prophecy concerning)
AD 70 Josephus' description of the attack on Jerusalem (Chapter 3)
AD 73 Israel falls (Masada)
AD 79-81 Titus Empr.
c. 150 Ptolemy: Almagest and Planetary Hypotheses (Geocentric Cosmology)
272-337 Constantine t.g. 1st emporer to convert
325 1st Council of Nicea
382..ff Latin Vulgate, by Jerome (under Pope Damasus 1)
381 1st Council of Constantinople
431 Council of Ephesus
451 Council of Chalcedon
476 Rome falls
AD 500-1000 Early Middle ages
553 2nd Council of Constantinople
c.570-632 Muhammad the Islamic prophet. Muslim armies begin conquering Middle East
637-638 Siege of Jerusalem (Muslim conquest of the Levant)
680-681 3rd Council of Constantinople
787 2nd Council of Nicea
800-... Holy Roman Empire Pope Leo III names king Charlemagne "Roman Emperor"
c.1000 Beowulf First Christian elements in Old-English literature
1054 Great Schisim -- Crab Nebula Supernova
1071 Battle of Manzikert Turning point: the Roman Church starts losing power to Moslems
1095-1302 The Crusades (to reclaim Jerusalem)
c.1200 Cardinals add chapter numbers to Vulgate
1300-1500 Late Middle ages
1346-1353 The Black Death (European Bubonic Plague pandemic
1382-1395 John Wycliffe Bible translated to English
1452-1519 Leonardo daVinci ----- Renassance -----
1455 Gutenberg Bible, Johannes G., Movable type printing
1473-1543 Nicolas Copernicus, (Helioentric Cosmology)
1483-1546 Martin Luther Protestant Revolution
1492 Columbus "new world"
1502-1585 Pope Gregory XIII (life); serves as Pope: 1572-death
1519-1522 Magellan circum-navigation of globe
1564-1642 Galileo Galilei experimental science
1571-1630 Johannes Kepler eliptical orbits
1582 Gregorian calendar "leap days" omitted in years ending "00," not divisible by 400
1596-1650 Rene Descartes analytical geometry i=imaginary,useless
1620 Pilgrims 1st successful British Colony
1623-1662 Blaise Pascal his "wager"
1642-1726 Isaac Newton 1687 M.Principles of Natur.Philo.*Causality**
1686-1753 George Berkeley Berkeleyan Idealism
1702-1761 Thomas Bayes (Bayesian probability)
1707-1783 Leonhard Euler e^iPi+1=0 Lim n-> (1+1/n)^n=e Euler's #
1711-1776 David Hume Naturalistic Philosopher
1713-1784 Denis Diderot (a+b^n)/n=x vs. lim (1+1/n)^n and e^ipi=-1
1724-1804 Immanuel Kant "Modern" ethics and philosophy
1726-1797 James Hutton Founder of Old-Earth Geology (Christian)
1729-1796 Catherine t.g.
1749-1827 Pierre-Simon Laplace (Polymath)
c.1760-1830 industrial revolution
1765-1815 Robert Fulton 1st comercially successful steamboat
1776 U.S. Revolution
1783 First manned (balloon) flight
1797-1875 Charles Lyell (Principles_of_Geology, 1830-33)
1809-1882 Charles Darwin (Origin_of_Species, 1859)
1827-1915 Ellen G. White "Vision" that creation "days" were "24-hour-days"
1831-1879 James C.Maxwell light = electro-magnetic waves
1852-1931 Albert Michelson & Morley experiment "C" 1887
1858-1947 Max Planck ----- Modern Physics -----
1863 Civil War and Emancipation Proclamation
1870-1963 George McCready Price (The New Geology, 1923) see E.G.White, 1827
1879-1955 Albert Einstein relativity early-Quantum Mech's
1887-1961 Erwn Schrodinger quantum wave equation **Non Causality**
c.1900 2nd industrial revolution
1901-1976 Werner Heisenberg uncertainty principle
1903 Wright Brothers first "heavier-than-air" manned flight
1906-1978 Kurt Gödel incompleteness theorem
1911-2008 John Wheeler delayed choice
1913-1960 Albert Camus Absurdist (considered existentialist)
1918-1988 Richard Feynman space-time (1-i) diagrams
1918-2006 Henery M. Morris (The Genesis Flood, 1961) see G.M.Price, 1870
1931- Roger Penrose thought vs. computation
1941-2002 Stephen Jay Gould Punctuated Equilibria
1942-2018 Stephen Hawking "Fire" in the equations
1945 Trinity Test of 1st atomic bomb
1947- Stuart Hameroff ("spirit" in the equations)
1948 Israel declares independence
1957 Sputnik 1 First artificial Earth satellite
c.1960 computer revolution
1969 Neil Armstrong Apollo 11, first manned Moon Landing
1970-... Tests of the Bell Inequality (proofs of strange Quantum Mechanical properties)
1971 first microprocessor
1976-1979 DiscoVision (First Laser Discs)
1980's World Wide Web
1985-1988 2 patents
2004 1 patent