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Donald Wayne Stoner (stonerdon@yahoo.com)
Embedded Systems Engineer / Project Manager
Lakewood, CA 90713


2007-Present: Real-Life Wizard
Master controller of the universe's invisible forces to accomplish what is commonly understood to be impossible. Projects include Levitation Arts Levitator and Rubik's TouchCube. Presently drafting an answer to the question, Who designed God? (pdf)

2004-2007: 99 Dollar Computer.Com, Buena Park, CA
C.T.O. Responsible for all technical aspects of bringing new products to production. Includes hardware and software design, circuit board design and production, enclosure design and production, final assembly and testing, manual writing.

1999-2004: Mattel Toys Inc., El Segundo, CA
Designed electronic hardware and firmware for high-end electronic toys. ( Barbie Says, Hot Wheels Formula Fuelers) Processors include SunPlus SPC series microprocessors (a single chip 6502 derivative) and the EMC EM58000 series single chip 4-bit controllers. Developed high level languages for both chips to reduce code development time. Did PCB layout for in-house rapid prototypes. Did technical writing.

1980-1999: Self Employed, Lakewood, CA
Designed electronic hardware and firmware for point-of-sale equipment, high end sonar, optical disc mastering equipment, test equipment, power metering equipment, and automated production equipment. Processors include 80X86, 8051, 8085, 6502, Z80 families. Developed several special application computer languages and CAD systems to accomplish job-specific goals within required constraints of hardware-resources, time and performance. Also did PCB layout for prototype and low quantity production runs. Did technical and patent writing.

1979-1980: TwoPi, Anaheim, CA
Wrote 2901 4-bit slice microcode test routines for IBM mainframe compatible disk storage system.

1975-1979: M.C.A. Laboratories (DiscoVision), Torrance, CA
Member of the team that invented the optical disc (those were the first "CDs" and "DVDs" for you young guys.) Wrote the firmware for the first optical-disc players and readers. F8/3870 family microprocessor. Project engineer for the first digital-audio mastering and playback systems.

1972-1975: Self Employed, Long Beach, CA
Designed and built sound and closed-circuit video systems for large auditoriums.

U.S. Patents:

4,611,996 Game-rewarding computer-assisted teaching system.
4,768,195 Automatic TTL/CMOS integrated circuit identifier/tester.
7,448,935 Mattel Hot Wheels Formula Fuelers

Formal Education:

1970-1972 California State U. Long Beach, B.S. Physics/mathematics
1968-1970 Long Beach City College, Physics/chemistry/mathematics

Paperback Publication:

A New Look at an Old Earth, Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR, 1997, Examines the Christian age-of-the-earth debate from perspectives of cosmology, geology, and the ancient Hebrew Biblical documents.


Instrumental music & composition. LINUX. Unusual computer system design. Thought puzzles -- raw score of 32 on Dr. Hoeflin's "Power Test)" (norming1) (norming2). One-in-a-Thousand Society and Epimetheus Society membership

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