Some Sailing pictures from about 1969:

smoggy sunrise old sailboat in dock

Smoggy morning at Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, CA. This was the "tropic port" where "Gilligan's Island" episodes began - but looking east instead of west. The featured boat was named the Kolea (about 34').

old sailboat view from up the mast

View from about 30' up the mast. This was the dock used in the "Sea Hunt" episode titled "Hit and Run."

old sailboat out in ocean

Some shots from out in the Catalina Channel.

old sailboat out in ocean old sailboat young man on sail

This was me back when I was a very young man. The sail is probably the most comfortable place on the boat - if you trust the fellow at the helm.

old sailboat heeling over wet deck

With enough wind (and too much sail) water will occasionally pour through the cabin portholes if they have been left open.

Some shots just off Santa Catalina Island. old sailboat at anchor

old sailboat anchored off Catalina Island wave crashing over Mendocino cliff

This is just north of Mendocino, CA. The cliffs (Including the one from which I shot the picture) are probably about 80' high. The whitewater in this shot reaches nearly that high. And, yes, I got out of there after shooting the picture - before would have been smarter. I talked to people who had seen rogue waves which were much bigger than this one.