Learn How Computers Work Inside!

Many years ago, computers were covered with blinking lights and the people who used them could see and understand how they worked inside. Today those lights are gone - and unfortunately, so is much of the understanding of the internal workings. Your mission, as The Computer Detective, is to Recover that Understanding!

Students will learn to control the different internal parts of one of the simplest possible programmable computers. They will be able to see for themselves how those parts work together as a whole - right before their eyes! The clearly-written 92-page instruction manual takes the student, step by step, through everything he needs to know to fully understand and program a real computer! Maybe you don't believe it can be that easy? Just check out the first few pages of the manual for yourself:

Table of Contents
Solving the Mystery
Powering up the Computer
The Computer's Memory
The Program Counter
Binary Numbers
Looking at Memory Data
Changing Memory Data
Changing a Different Location
Learning the Secret Code
and much more ...

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